hand and foot card game online

Hand And Foot Card Game Online :- Hand and Foot is an enjoyable card game reminiscent of rummy, with elements borrowed from Canasta, Pennies From Heaven, Jack Change It, and Solitaire. While the game involves melding cards, it lacks standardized rules, resulting in various rule variations to accommodate different numbers of players.

The most prevalent version is played by four players in partnerships, although it can also be adapted for six players in two teams or more. If you’re intrigued by this game and haven’t played before, consider adding it to your next game night lineup. Unsure about the rules? No worries! Let’s delve into the gameplay and straightforward rules, and you’ll soon be mastering this entertaining card game like a pro.


Hand And Foot Card Game Online After shuffling the cards, one partner distributes a portion of the deck into four separate face-down stacks, each containing 13 cards. These stacks are passed clockwise around the table, ensuring every player receives one stack, forming their ‘hand.’

hand and foot card game online

Simultaneously, the partner of the hand dealer distributes another portion of the deck, dealing four additional stacks of 13 cards each, also passed clockwise to provide each player with a second set of stacks, known as the ‘foot.’

The remaining undealt cards are placed face down in the center, forming the stock pile. The top card of this pile is turned face-up beside it, initiating the discard pile. If the revealed card is a red three or a wild card like a two or joker, it is returned to the stock pile, and a new card is drawn.

Hand And Foot Card Game Online Setup

Hand And Foot Card Game Online ? The players form two partnerships, seated across from each other to ensure alternating turns clockwise. Designate separate areas on the table for each partnership’s melds, along with a neutral area accessible to all for the stock and discard pile.

Hand and Foot employs an extensive 270-card deck, comprising five standard 52-card decks plus jokers, a remarkable number for a non-casino game. Shuffle the decks together, splitting the deck into two stocks with a gap for the discard pile.

In a departure from most games, players deal their own cards in Hand and Foot. Each player extracts a small portion of one stock and deals two piles of eleven cards face down. Pulling exactly 22 cards from the stock merits a 100-point bonus; otherwise, any excess cards are returned. Players choose one pile as their hand and pass the other to their right, forming their foot, kept face-down.

hand and foot card game online

One card from one of the stocks becomes the upcard, placed face-up between the players to initiate the discard pile. If the upcard is a joker, 2, or red 3, it’s discarded face-down into a stock, and another card is drawn.

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Hand And Foot Card Game Online What Are Melds And Books?

Melds :- 

  • A configuration of three or more cards sharing the same rank ranging from four to Ace, exhibited openly on the playing surface.
  • It is mandated that there exists a surplus of natural cards compared to Wild cards.
  • The assemblage is impervious to interference by fellow participants.
  • Hand & Foot Remastered disregards the significance of suits, rendering them inconsequential in gameplay. Consequently, melds may intermingle suits freely when utilizing standard playing cards.

Books :- 

  • A collection of seven or more cards forming a meld.
  • A Pristine set comprises seven cards of identical value (e.g., seven 8s).
  • An Unclean set incorporates Wild cards (e.g., a set of four 8s with three wild cards).
  • Complete sets cannot exclusively consist of 3s or wild cards.
  • To conclude the round, one must finalize at least one Pristine and one Unclean set and exhaust all cards in both their Hand and Foot.

Card Values

hand and foot card game online
  • Points are determined by summing the values of the cards played and deducting the tally of cards retained in the player’s Hand and/or Foot.
  • Every card in Hand & Foot Remastered displays its point value visibly. The traditional point values are enumerated as follows:
CardPoint Value
Red 3100
Black 3-100
Wild (2)20
Wild (Joker)50

Bonus Points

  • At the conclusion of the round, each player accrues points for each completed set of cards and for every individual card played, encompassing those within sets.
  • To illustrate, a Pristine set comprising seven 4s would yield 700 points, with an additional 5 points allotted for each card within the set, summing up to a total of 735 points.
  • Red 3s hold a value of 100 points and are mandated to be promptly played face-up atop the player’s designated area, with an immediate substitution from the draw pile.
  • On the contrary, Black 3s incur a penalty of -100 points and must be discarded before any other cards.
Point Value
Clean book700
Dirty book300
Going out100
Perfect “deal”100
Red 3100
Black 3-100
  • Regular cards are permissible for supplementing incomplete sets to form complete books, while wild cards are ineligible for this purpose. Although this action does not augment the value of the book itself, it does contribute the point value of the additional card to the overall score.

Meld Requirements

  • Every round mandates a distinct minimum point value prerequisite for melds. Players are prohibited from playing any melds until they meet this minimum requirement. This condition applies individually to each player.
  • For instance, a trio of 4s would amount to 15 points, and a sextet of 10s would total 60 points, resulting in a combined tally of 75 points. This cumulative score fulfills the stipulation for Round 1.
Minimum Point Value Required to Meld
Round 160
Round 290
Round 3120
Round 4150
  • Completion of books and inclusion of red 3s do not contribute towards fulfilling the minimum meld requirements.

Valuable Tip: Revealing your cards prematurely benefits your adversaries, granting them insights into your collection strategy. However, delaying their play excessively may result in accumulating a substantial negative point tally by the round’s conclusion. Thus, finding the optimal timing for card deployment is crucial for success.

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