palace card game online

Palace Card Game Online :- The Palace card game, also known by various other names such as Bastard, Shithead, Shed, Karma, or Caboodle, is a versatile and engaging game that can be enjoyed by 2 to 4 players using a standard deck of cards.

For those familiar with card games, Palace bears similarities to the Finnish game Paskahousu. However, for those less experienced with card games, the primary objective of Palace is to get rid of the cards you’re dealt with. The player who ends up holding cards at the end of the round is deemed the loser and must take on the role of the dealer for the subsequent round.

Palace is particularly popular among backpackers exploring different parts of the world, and as a result, the rules may vary slightly depending on the region or group of players. Nevertheless, the fundamental gameplay remains consistent across variations of the game.

With its simplicity, portability, and universal appeal, Palace is a beloved card game enjoyed by travelers and card game enthusiasts alike, offering hours of entertainment and camaraderie wherever it’s played.

palace card game online

Palace Card Game Online How To Play Palace?

The game kicks off as players take turns placing cards on the discard pile, aiming to match or surpass the value of the card currently on top. “Normal cards” in the game have values ranging from highest to lowest: Ace, King, Queen, 9, 8, 6, 5, and 4.

The remaining cards—10, 7, 3, and 2—become “special cards.” While players can play these special cards at any time and in any order, the 7 must still be played in the correct sequence.

During gameplay, after playing a card, players must replenish their hand by drawing cards from the draw pile until it’s depleted.

Once players exhaust the three cards in their hand, they can utilize the six cards placed in front of them. These six cards can be arranged face-up in any order, allowing players to strategize accordingly. However, if these cards are initially placed face down, players cannot peek at them until they’re played.

Should a player be unable to play a correct card, they must pick up the entire discard pile to add to their hand. Subsequently, the player to their left selects any card to initiate a new discard pile.

The game reaches its conclusion when the first player successfully removes all their cards from play, thus securing victory.

palace card game online

Objective of Palace Poker: The objective of Palace Poker is to win the pot by having the best hand compared to other players at the showdown.

Number of Players: Palace Poker can accommodate 2 to 10 players, providing flexibility for varying group sizes.

Number of Cards: The game is played using a standard 52-card deck, ensuring ample possibilities for different card combinations.

Rank of Cards: In Palace Poker, the ranking of cards from highest to lowest is as follows: Ace (high), King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

Type of Game: Palace Poker is a betting game, where players wager on the strength of their hands, adding an element of strategy and risk-taking to the gameplay.

Audience: Palace Poker is typically intended for an adult audience due to the betting involved and the strategic nature of the game. It’s important for players to understand and responsibly manage their wagers during gameplay.

Palace Card Game Online Special Cards

In Palace, specific cards carry unique effects that influence gameplay dynamics:

2: Playing a 2 compels the next player to draw two cards from the deck. If multiple 2s are consecutively played, the number of cards to draw accumulates. However, the next player can counter a 2 by playing another 2 or a card of the same rank.

palace card game online

8: An 8 has the power to skip the subsequent player’s turn in the rotation, disrupting the flow of play.

10: When a player plays a 10, it clears the entire discard pile, allowing for a fresh start. The player who initiated this action by playing the 10 then commences a new discard pile with any card from their hand.

Joker: The Joker serves as a versatile wildcard that can be played on any card, regardless of its rank or suit. Players have the freedom to deploy the Joker at any point during the game, even if they possess other playable cards in their hand.

Ranking of Suits: In Palace, the suits have a distinct hierarchical order, impacting gameplay decisions. The ranking of suits, from highest to lowest, is as follows: Spades (highest), Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs (lowest).

These card-specific rules add strategic depth and unpredictability to Palace, challenging players to adapt their tactics based on the cards in play and the actions of their opponents.


Here’s the setup for Palace according to the provided instructions:

palace card game online
  • Deal Three Face-Down Cards: Begin by dealing three cards face down to each player. These cards should remain untouched and face down on the table throughout the game.
  • Distribute Six More Cards: Next, distribute an additional six cards among the players. Three of these cards should be placed face up on top of the previously dealt face-down cards. The remaining three cards are kept in hand by the players.
  • Prepare the Deck: Place the remaining deck of cards in the middle of the table within easy reach of all players. This deck will be used for drawing cards during the game.
  • Space for Discarded Cards: Ensure there is sufficient space on the table designated for discarded cards. This area will be used to place cards that are no longer in play.

Following these steps sets up the initial layout for a game of Palace, providing players with the necessary cards to begin gameplay while maintaining the secrecy of their face-down cards until the end of the game.


Dive into the regal realm of Palace, where the rules are as versatile as the players’ imaginations. Alongside the fundamental regulations, a tapestry of customizable options awaits, allowing for a tapestry of strategic maneuvers and exhilarating twists.

Embrace the thrill of consecutive plays, where unleashing a pair of identical ranks back-to-back is not just permitted but celebrated. Picture the tension as ‘burn’ cards ignite the battlefield, thwarting the advance of formidable specials with a well-placed sacrifice. And behold the power bestowed upon the cunning player who, after laying down a majestic 10, commands the very suit to follow.

But heed this decree: while these variants embellish the game, the true essence of Palace lies in its adaptability. Let the collective will of the players sculpt the experience, weaving together a masterpiece of rules that resonates with the spirit of each gathering.

In the kingdom of Palace, innovation knows no bounds. So gather your court, tailor the rules to your liking, and prepare for a gaming odyssey unlike any other.

palace card game online


Palace Card Game Online In the high-stakes arena of Palace, victory is a duel of wits and nerve, where only the boldest emerge triumphant. As the dust settles and competitors fall by the wayside, the last warrior standing claims the spoils of the pot, their valor undisputed.

Yet, when two remaining contenders remain, the arena becomes a crucible of skill, each combatant vying for supremacy in a showdown to determine the ultimate champion. However, should fate decree that two or three stalwart souls bear the same banner suit, a rare truce descends upon the battlefield, and the spoils are divided evenly amongst these noble equals.

But lo, when the fateful hour of the Stay/Discard/Fold sequence arrives, the tension mounts to a fever pitch. Here, in the crucible of fate, a classic poker showdown ensues, where the mightiest hand seizes the coveted pot. Should fortune decree a tie amongst the titans, the spoils are shared, a testament to the equality of their prowess.

In the realm of Palace, every twist and turn is a testament to the valor of its champions. With each clash, a saga unfolds, where honor and riches await the bold and cunning alike.

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