pitch card game online

Pitch Card Game Online :- Pitch, an American pastime rooted in the traditions of the Old World game All Fours, bears the mark of its evolution into a distinct entity. Hailing from England, where it went by the name All Fours, this game traversed the Atlantic to the United States, adopting monikers such as Old Sledge and Seven Up along the way. The transformation culminated in the emergence of Pitch, an enhanced rendition featuring strategic bidding and additional intricacies, setting it apart from its English predecessor.

Diverse aliases encapsulate the popularity of Pitch; Auction Pitch, Setback, and High Low Jack are but a few. These names echo through the annals of card-playing history, signifying the game’s widespread appeal and adaptability.

Pitch unfolds in two distinct forms, catering to varied preferences. In Partnership Pitch, camaraderie takes center stage as players form alliances, testing the synergy of their strategies against others. On the flip side, Cutthroat Pitch plunges participants into an individualistic quest for victory, where each player navigates the game’s twists and turns independently.

While Pitch graciously accommodates up to nine players, its sweet spot typically involves a more intimate gathering of three to five enthusiasts. This ensures a dynamic and engaging gaming experience, fostering strategic depth and interactive gameplay.

pitch card game online

To partake in the revelry of Pitch, acquaint yourself with the rules and nuances that govern this captivating card game. As the deck shuffles and the cards are dealt, the stage is set for a memorable game night filled with camaraderie, competition, and the timeless allure of Pitch.

How to Play the Pitch Card Game Online?

Prior to the commencement of the Pitch game, it is imperative to designate an initial dealer. To achieve this, each participant is bestowed with a card drawn from the deck, and the individual in possession of the highest-ranking card assumes the role of the inaugural dealer. Following this determination, the dealer proceeds to thoroughly shuffle the deck before distributing a total of six cards to each player.

The sequencing of the card allocation by the dealer adheres to a structured pattern: initially, one card is disseminated, succeeded by two cards, and culminating with three cards. Subsequent to the completion of the card distribution, participants are encouraged to scrutinize the inherent values associated with their cards. The valuation system is defined as follows: a 10 holds a value equivalent to 10 points, an Ace commands 4 points, a King carries 3 points, a Queen merits 2 points, and a Jack is assigned a value of 3 points.

Pitch Card Game Online Object of Pitch

The primary objective in the game of Pitch is to emerge victorious as the initial team to amass 21 or more points by skillfully fulfilling bids.

pitch card game online

Pitch Card Game Online Game Setup:

Pitch employs a standard 52-card deck of playing cards, and for optimal durability, it is recommended to use Denexa 100% Plastic Playing Cards. Partnerships can be established through various means, such as mutual agreement or a randomized selection process. Partners should be positioned opposite each other to ensure a clockwise progression of play, with each player’s turn being succeeded by one of their opponents’ turns.

Shuffling and dealing commence with the distribution of six cards to each player, divided into two sets of three. The remaining cards, known as the stub, are set aside and play no further role in the ongoing hand.


The dynamics of Pitch center around earning points through specific accomplishments:

  • High: Achieved by playing the highest trump card in play during the hand.
  • Low: Attained by capturing the lowest trump card in play during the hand.
  • Jack: Secured by capturing the jack of trumps.
  • Game: Involves accruing the highest total of captured cards during the hand, with scoring as follows: ten points for each 10, four points for each ace, three points for each king, two points for each queen, and one point for each jack. Cards with values of 9 and below do not contribute to the game score. In the event of a tie for the game, the point remains unattributed.

It is noteworthy that since not all cards are dealt in every hand, the trump scoring for High may not necessarily be the ace, and the trump scoring for Low may not necessarily be the two. Similarly, the point for Jack may go unclaimed if the jack of trumps is not in play.

pitch card game online

Scoring 4-, 5-, 6- and 9-Point

Points in the game are allocated exclusively to the pitching team if they successfully fulfill their bid; however, defenders always receive their earned points without condition. The distribution of points varies, with up to four, five, six, or nine points being awarded according to the following criteria:

Taking the highest trump card in play1
Taking the Jack of trump, if in play1
Taking or holding the lowest trump card in play1
Taking the Off-Jack of trump (5- & 6-point only)1
Taking the Joker (6-point only)1
Taking the 5 of trump (9-point only)5
Game point (see below)1

The game point is granted to the team that has accumulated cards with the highest point values, as delineated in the table below. The assignment of points is based solely on the rank of the cards, irrespective of their suits. The trump suit holds no significance in this context. In the event that both teams gather an identical number of points, no game point is conferred.


To access the detailed breakdown of the game point, simply click on the highlighted word “Game” within the hand score summary presented in the scorecard at the conclusion of each hand. A practical illustration of a game point breakdown is provided below for clarity:

♣K ♦K ♥K90
♣J ♦J2♠J1

The triumphant culmination of the game occurs when a team successfully amasses a total of 11 points. In the eventuality of a tie, the favor tips in favor of the pitching team, securing their victory. This straightforward criterion establishes a clear path to success, emphasizing the significance of reaching the 11-point threshold for ultimate triumph.

Scoring 7-, 10-, 11- and 13-Point

Points are selectively bestowed upon the pitching team exclusively when they fulfill their bid successfully, ensuring that their strategic prowess is duly recognized. Conversely, points earned by the defenders are unconditionally awarded, regardless of the bidding outcome.

The distribution of points within the range of seven to thirteen is determined as follows:

Taking the Ace of trump1
Taking the Off-Ace of trump (11-point only)1
Taking the Jack of trump1
Taking the Off-Jack of trump1
Taking the Red (High) Joker1
Taking the Black (Low) Joker1
Taking the 10 of trump1
Taking the 3 of trump (not in 7-point)3
Taking the Off-3 of trump (13-point only)3
Taking or holding the 2 of trump1

The crowning achievement in the competition is attained when a team accumulates a total of 32 points, solidifying their victory. In the case of a tie, the advantageous outcome is conferred upon the pitching team, underscoring the pivotal role of their strategic maneuvers in securing the ultimate triumph. This rule structure ensures a decisive resolution, with the 32-point threshold serving as the gateway to victory in the game.


Various top-level variations of Pitch cater to diverse preferences and playing styles. Each variation is distinguished by the specific elements included in the game. Here’s an overview of the available Pitch variations:

  • 4-Point:
    • Game to 11 with High, Low, Jack, and Game.
  • 5-Point:
    • Game to 11 with High, Low, Jack, Off-Jack, and Game.
  • 6-Point:
    • Game to 11 with High, Low, Jack, Off-Jack, Joker, and Game.
  • 7-Point:
    • Game to 21 with High, Low, Jack, Off-Jack, both Jokers, and 10.
  • 9-Point:
    • Game to 31 with High, Low, Jack, 5, and Game.
  • 10-Point:
    • Game to 32 with High, Low, Jack, Off-Jack, both Jokers, 10, and 3.
  • 11-Point:
    • Game to 52 with High, Low, Jack, Off-Jack, both Jokers, 10, 3, and Off-Ace.
  • 13-Point:
    • Game to 52 with High, Low, Jack, Off-Jack, both Jokers, 10, 3, and Off-3.

These variations offer a range of complexities and strategic nuances, allowing players to choose the Pitch format that best aligns with their preferences and desired level of challenge.


Pitch, originally known as “Blind All Fours,” has a fascinating origin rooted in its evolution from the game “All Fours.” This captivating card game traces its potential roots back to 17th century Netherlands, according to games historian David Parlett. The journey of Pitch from its Dutch origins to England and subsequently to global popularity is attributed to the arrival of Charles II in 1660.

pitch card game online

In its early iterations, Pitch lacked a formal bidding process. However, the landscape of the game underwent a significant transformation, with Auction Pitch emerging as the dominant version. This version introduced a structured bidding element, adding a layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Over time, Pitch has given rise to two remarkable variations, each possessing its own set of distinctive rules. Cinch and Pedro, born from the essence of Pitch, have carved out their own identities in the realm of card games. These variations contribute to the richness and diversity of the Pitch family, offering players the opportunity to explore unique challenges and dynamics within the framework of their respective rule sets.

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