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500 Card Game Online :- Five Hundred, distinct from 500 Rummy, accommodates two to five players, although it is predominantly played as a four-player partnership game. Originally copyrighted in 1904 by the United States Playing Card Company, renowned for Bicycle cards, this game has proliferated globally, finding its place in regions like Australia, New Zealand, Ohio, and Minnesota.

Notably, the regulations of Five Hundred exhibit significant variation from one locality to another. Southern Cross, an Australian game company, has even adapted the game for six players by introducing a 63-card deck featuring 11s, 12s, and a 13♥ and 13♦. One can speculate that, apart from its application in Five Hundred, such a deck might find considerable utility in practical jokes. The subsequent delineation outlines a set of American partnership rules for the game.

Rummy, across its myriad variations, has undeniably surged in popularity. Rummy 500, much like its counterparts, boasts a history veiled in conjecture and speculation. While the precise origins of the game remain elusive, its enduring popularity is indisputable.

Detailed descriptions of the game date back to the 1800s, featured in early editions of the Standard Hoyle. Various theories abound regarding its inception, with proponents of each theory offering compelling arguments. Below, we provide a summary of the most prevalent theories surrounding the origins of Rummy.

500 Card Game Online Starting The Game

To commence a game of Rummy, a card is chosen at random to designate the initial dealer. Subsequently, the dealer distributes the cards clockwise, dealing one card to each player until all participants have received their starting hands. A distinct pile of cards, referred to as the stock pile, is positioned face down, while the top card from this pile is flipped face up beside it to constitute the discard pile. This arrangement sets the stage for the commencement of the Rummy game.

500 Card Game Online

500 Card Game Online Number of players

500 accommodates 2 to 6 players, with the option for a 6-handed game utilizing a specialized deck including standard 52 playing cards along with additional cards: 11 to 13 of the red suits (Hearts and Diamonds) and 11 & 12 of the black suits (Spades and Clubs), totaling 63 cards, inclusive of the Joker. For a 4-handed game, cards are subtracted from the standard 52-card deck.

In comparison to Bridge, which always features 4 players, 500 offers the advantage of flexibility in accommodating varying numbers of participants. For simplicity, let’s focus on the 4-handed game in both instances. Each game entails an auction phase and a game phase, with two partners positioned opposite each other.


In a 4-player game of 500, the deck consists of 43 cards, excluding the 2s, 3s, and two black suit 4s, while including a Joker, resulting in a 43-card deck (52 – 10 + 1). Each player receives 10 cards, and an additional 3 cards are set aside in the middle as a kitty.

On the other hand, Bridge employs a standard 52-card deck, with 13 cards dealt to each player.

In 500, the objective for the partnership is to secure as many of the 10 tricks available as possible, while in Bridge, the aim is similar, albeit with 13 tricks available. The concept of “making tricks” will be elaborated upon further in the subsequent gameplay section.

500 Card Game Online

Strategies and Tips To Win Rummy 500

Becoming a master of Rummy 500 requires a comprehensive understanding of the rules and the adept implementation of winning strategies. When engaging with multiple players, establishing designated roles at the outset of each game—such as the dealer, scorekeeper, and card monitor—is crucial.

Calculating points involves tallying the value of all melds held in your hand following discards or when an opponent declares “out.” Additionally, meticulous card tracking is imperative to ensure fairness and prevent any player from gaining an unfair advantage by underestimating the number of cards discarded or removed from play.

Strategic set-making is pivotal for reducing point totals, while adept bluffing techniques can confound opponents and keep them guessing about the composition of your hand. Armed with these invaluable insights and tactics, you’ll swiftly ascend to the ranks of a Rummy 500 expert!

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Upon completion of all ten tricks, the declarer’s partnership tallies the number of tricks secured and compares it to the contracted amount. If the contract is fulfilled, the partnership earns points as stipulated in the provided table. However, failing to meet the contracted number of tricks, or collecting tricks on a nullo bid, incurs a penalty equivalent to the value of the contract.

Regardless of the contract’s outcome, the defending partnership scores 10 points for each trick collected. In nullo and grand nullo hands, the defenders earn 10 points for each trick secured by the declarer’s partnership. In a no-contract hand where all players passed without bidding, both partnerships receive 10 points per trick.

Subsequently, the player situated to the left of the dealer assumes the role of the dealer for the subsequent hand.

500 Card Game Online

End of game

Gameplay persists until one partnership surpasses a score of 500 by successfully fulfilling a contract. However, if a partnership achieves a score exceeding 500 through tricks secured as defenders or on a no-contract hand, the game endures.

Conversely, if a partnership’s score plummets to –500, they face automatic defeat, leading to the conclusion of the game.

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