BS Card Game Online

BS Card Game Online :- After the first player initiates the sequence by playing the Ace of Spades, the element of deception comes into play in subsequent turns. From this point forward, players are required to place their cards face down and lay down any cards in their hand that continue the sequence established. For example, if the sequence begins with the Ace, the next player must play any twos they possess. However, if a player lacks the required card, they are permitted to bluff by falsely claiming to play a card they do not have. For instance, they might assert “one two” and lay down a different card, such as a 10.

As the game progresses, players may suspect or discover that a fellow player is lying based on the cards they know have been played or held in their hand. If a player wishes to challenge a suspected lie, they can do so before the next player takes their turn by stating “Cheat,” “Lie,” or “BS.” The accused player then reveals the cards they have just played to all players. If the player is caught lying, they must take the entire deck into their hand. Conversely, if the accuser’s suspicion was unfounded and the player was truthful, the accuser must take the entire deck into their own hand.

This process may make lying in higher quantities more challenging as the game progresses.

The game continues until one player successfully empties their hand of all cards. Additionally, the game can be played with multiple decks, which may facilitate lying to some extent.

BS Card Game Online

Objective of Bullshit: The aim of the game is to be the first player to discard all their cards before the other players.

Number of Players: Bullshit is typically played with 3 to 10 players.

Materials: The game requires a standard 52-card deck without any jokers.

Rank of Cards: The cards are ranked from highest to lowest as follows: A (High), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

Type of Game: Bullshit is classified as a shedding card game, where the goal is to rid oneself of all cards.

Audience: This game is suitable for a teen or adult audience.

BS Card Game Online How To Play ?

  • To begin the game, arrange players in a circle and distribute the entire deck of cards evenly among them.
  • The player holding the Ace of Spades initiates the game by placing the card in the center.
  • Subsequently, gameplay progresses in a clockwise manner, with each player adding all their 2’s to the center stack, regardless of whether they possess any 2’s. This pattern continues with 3’s, 4’s, and so forth.
  • At any point, any player can challenge a fellow player’s claim by calling “BS” if they suspect a bluff.
  • If the accused player is indeed bluffing, they must drink and collect the stack of cards from the center.
  • However, if the accused player is not bluffing, the accuser must drink and take the cards from the center stack.
  • The first player to successfully discard all their cards wins the game.
BS Card Game Online

BS Card Game Online Setup:

To commence the game, gather one standard deck of cards (52 cards) and distribute them clockwise around the table until the entire deck is depleted. Some players may end up with an additional card, but each participant possesses an equal opportunity to win.

The player holding the Ace of Spades begins the game by playing it face up, ensuring that everyone recognizes it as the Ace of Spades. This player is also entitled to lay down any other Aces they may hold, all of which must be placed face up on the table.

During each turn, players must vocally announce the quantity of cards they are laying down along with their respective ranks. For instance, a player might declare, “one Ace.” It is imperative to note that players are prohibited from fabricating the quantity of cards they are playing; honesty is key in this aspect of the game.

The Rules

I selected “Bullshit” for this experiment due to its straightforward rules and ease of coding. While there are other games, such as Coup, that involve similar strategies of lying to gain an advantage, they tend to be more complex.

In “Bullshit,” players use a standard deck of 52 cards. The game begins by dealing out all the cards in the deck. Each turn unfolds as follows:

BS Card Game Online
  • Player 1 places any number of cards face down in a stack and asserts that they are all aces. They must play at least one card, which may necessitate them to lie.
  • Any player can challenge Player 1’s claim by calling “bullshit” if they don’t believe them.
  • If Player 1 was indeed lying, they must pick up all the face-down cards, including any from previous turns. If Player 1 was telling the truth, the player who called “bullshit” picks up all the cards. If no one calls “bullshit,” play simply proceeds to the next player.
  • Player 2 then takes their turn, adding cards to the stack and claiming they are all twos.
  • The game progresses in this manner, with each subsequent player incrementing the card value until reaching the king, at which point the sequence restarts with the ace.

Bluffing Strategies

Here are the strategies I’ve decided to test:

  • The Saint: This player never lies unless they are forced to do so. For instance, if they are required to play an ace but have no aces in their hand, they will be compelled to lie.
  • The Dabbler: This player lies 10% of the time.
  • The Coin Flipper: This player lies 50% of the time.
  • Mr. Pathological: This player always lies.
  • The Pusher: This player always lies when they have only one card of a particular rank.
  • The Game Theorist: This player calculates the expected value of lying based on the likelihood of “bullshit” being called and only lies if it’s deemed advantageous.
  • The Closer: This player refrains from lying if they can finish the game without doing so. Otherwise, they play like the Game Theorist. For example, if they have an ace, a five, and a nine, they can finish in three turns without lying, so they won’t lie. However, if they have an ace, a two, and a five, they won’t be able to finish, so they will play like the Game Theorist.
  • The Comeback Kid: This player lies with higher percentages when they are losing and never lies when they are winning.
  • The Comeback Closer: This player behaves like the Comeback Kid unless they can finish the game without lying.
  • The Pathological Closer: This player always lies unless they can finish the game without lying.
BS Card Game Online

Tips for teaching kids to play cards

  • To ensure smooth gameplay, begin by thoroughly explaining the rules, and remain patient as players may need reminders along the way.
  • Consider playing a few practice rounds where adults assist each child during their turn to help them grasp the game’s mechanics.
  • If there are enough adults available, organize the game into teams to provide additional support, ensuring that each child has an adult to assist them.
  • As children may find it challenging to hold and conceal multiple cards with their small hands, consider using a cardholder to make it easier for them to manage their hand.

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