Castle Solitaire Card Game Free Online

Castle Solitaire Card Game Free Online :- Experience the thrill of Castle Solitaire, an exhilarating and free card game brought to you by Mobility Ware, the mastermind behind your beloved solitaire classics. Dive into this captivating and easy-to-master game, where you’ll construct majestic castles and proudly display your banner high in the sky!

Your quest in Castle Solitaire is to triumph by populating the four regal castles from Ace to King. Employ your strategic prowess by tapping to organize cards of identical suits in a descending order beneath the towering castles. Should you find yourself in a bind, fear not! A simple tap on the stockpile unveils additional cards to aid your noble endeavor.

Castle Solitaire bears a resemblance to esteemed games like Vanishing Cross or King’s Corner, yet it boasts its own unique twist that adds an extra layer of excitement to the royal challenge. Are you ready to embark on a card-playing adventure like never before? Unleash your skills, construct your castles, and revel in the distinctive charm of Castle Solitaire!

Castle Solitaire Card Game Free Online Objective

The objective of the game is to construct the foundational piles, starting with the Ace and culminating with the King, while maintaining an ascending order based on suits. To illustrate, a foundation stack commences with the Ace of Diamonds and progresses sequentially to conclude with the King of Diamonds.

Castle Solitaire Card Game Free Online

Castle Solitaire Card Game Free Online The Setup and Play Area


Castle Solitaire Card Game Free Online 4 foundation piles: Establish a suit-based progression by adding cards to the first pile, starting from the rank of the initial card. If necessary, wrap the sequence from King to Ace, diligently building up the pile until it encompasses a total of 13 cards.

8 tableau piles:Organize the tableau piles by constructing downward in any suit, with the flexibility to wrap from King to Ace when required. Only the top card in each pile is eligible for play. Open spaces can be occupied by any available card. At the game’s outset, unveil seven face-up cards for the initial four piles, while the subsequent four piles begin with six face-up cards.


Introducing four foundation piles, each initially open for the placement of any card as the first move. The rank of this first card establishes the baseline value for all foundation piles, restricting subsequent plays to cards of the same rank.

To add a card to a foundation pile, it must be one rank higher than the current top card, and it must share the same suit. For instance, if the top card is a Jack of diamonds, only a Queen of diamonds can be played on it. Once placed, cards are irrevocably committed to the foundation and cannot be retrieved.

Castle Solitaire Card Game Free Online


Presenting eight tableau piles of cards, with the initial quartet each comprising seven cards and the subsequent four containing six cards, all dealt face-up. A tableau pile welcomes a new card if it is one rank lower than the current top card and belongs to any suit. For example, an eight can be played on a seven of any suit.

Uncovered cards on the tableau, those not concealed by another card, are eligible for movement to the foundation or any other tableau pile. Additionally, any card can seamlessly fill an empty slot in the tableau, enhancing strategic maneuverability within the game.

Available moves

Castle Solitaire Card Game Free Online Navigate the game by moving only one card at a time, with the playable bottom card of each tableau column accessible for maneuvers. Tableau cards can be shifted and stacked in descending order, irrespective of suit; for instance, a 9 of Hearts can be placed atop a 10 of Spades or a 10 of Diamonds.

Upon clearing a tableau column entirely, any card can be relocated to occupy that space. Assemble foundation piles in ascending order from Ace to King by strategically transferring playable cards from the tableau. The ultimate triumph is achieved when all cards find their place in the foundation, marking the victory in the game.


Strategize multiple moves in advance by leveraging your ability to assess all tableau cards. Begin your game plan by locating the 2s, as Aces are already positioned in the foundation at the start. Unearth the 2s, even if they are concealed beneath higher cards, and systematically progress to liberate the 3s.

Castle Solitaire Card Game Free Online

Exercise patience and refrain from hastily transferring cards to the foundation. Instead, consider leaving certain cards on the tableau, like a 4 of Clubs, to facilitate the placement of crucial cards such as a 3 of Spades underneath it, thus unlocking additional strategic possibilities.

Give precedence to clearing out columns, as any card can occupy an empty column. Skillfully move obstructing cards to vacant columns, facilitating your progression within the game.

Castle Solitaire Card Game Free Online What are the odds of winning?

Analyzing a sample of 2,126 randomly played games, a notable 23.75% emerged victorious, with 505 instances resulting in success.

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